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Employers hire for job skills, and fire for personality faults”

A handwriting test can help you avoid these problems

Validity of Handwriting Analysis Test:

The U.S. Supreme Court considers handwriting a public document, and has declined to attach the privacy tag to it. More-over there is no law in India, which bars handwriting analysis test. Therefore handwriting can be analyzed without the author’s consent express or implied.

Although personality test from handwriting is relatively new to Corporate India. Globally more than 5,000 companies are already using applicant’s handwriting as a medium of test in their hiring procedures. Additionally, on September 03, 1985 The front page of the Wall Street Journal reported that 80% of corporations in Countries such as France, Israel and Germany employ handwriting analyst in their employment decisions.

Just look at this, 54% of all resumes are falsified, particularly in respect of previous earnings, education & experience they are often not prepared by the applicants; therefore, quality is not reflective of applicant also. Resumes also do not demonstrate the attitude, approach, performance or personality of applicant.

Importance of Personality Tests:

A 16-year study by psychologist Herb Greenberg tried to recover the most important factor in job success?” After gathering data from more than 7,000 companies and 350,000 employees, the study determined that, “Personality is the single most important factor in job success – not education, not experience, not age, gender, race.” Other reports have revealed that ” Employers hire for job skills, and fire for personality faults.

Why a HANDWRITING PERSONALITY TEST is the right choice for HR managers:

handwriting analysis test for team work assessmentIdentify prospective embezzlers and frauds: They always said prevention is better then cure

Improve teamwork & work environment: Large Companies send their employees on vacations to increase the feeling of togetherness and develop team spirit. We try and do the same through handwriting analysis letting the best possible combination of people be in the team.

  • Gain insight before promoting or transferring employees
  • Profile efficient & inefficient poor staff;
  • Retrenchment – Locate the best talent to retain with an effective handwriting test
  • Troublemaker – a handwriting analyst can help you Identify the ones giving out trade secrets raising anti company positions or are most likely to raise the Red flag in terms of go slow, strikes, etc.

Gain Deep Insights During Investigations with a Handwriting Analysis Test

handwriting analysis testProfile prospective business partners and customers before hand and enjoy the advantage of knowing their character nature approach and attitude during negotiations. Try and avoid people who are more likely to back stab you or turn hostile

  • Anonymous letters (understand the nature, character and try to identify the person who could have written such letters)
  • Threatening letters; in-depth understanding of the personality of author (kidnap notes/poison pen, Suicide notes)
  • Profile suspects personality and character without their knowledge (improved interrogation techniques)
  • Gain insight & Understand troubled family members
  • Jury selection (eliminate unsuitable juror candidates)
  • Profile the uncooperative by submitting their handwriting to a handwriting analyst (best method for those who refuse to take psychological tests)

As a policy, collect and preserve handwriting samples of ALL employees and job applicants (for use presently or in the future). Personality test from their handwriting can be produced on employees when the need arises, such as: during an investigation, or to understand why an employee who later leaves the company was so successful or unsuccessful, or to understand why an employees performance has improved or declined over time by comparing earlier handwriting samples to current ones. A handwriting analyst can profile excellent & poor employees and use them in screening future job applications with the created success models. Handwriting analysis test is the best personality test for longitudinal studies.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: In case of the applicant’s first employment there is no scope for background checks. Handwriting analysis test provides a useful check in this regard.

CONSUMER CREDIT CHECKS: It is an Invasive, non job-related work function and the problem of dealing with Incomplete and incorrect information is not uncommon


Most of our self-reporting personality tests are not comprehensively designed as they relate to specific work functions.

For e.g. A persons applying for a job as a Financial Controller will have questions relating to Finance.There is no avenue of knowing his mental make up during a period of Financial Crunch? In other words will he be able to manage the creditors and recover money from the customers?

  • Test taker could lie or misrepresent himself about his personality
  • The examinee’s sense of understanding about the questions could be different from what was asked to him?
  • All examinee’s do not take personality tests very seriously most of them treat it as a formality?
  • Does not evaluate one’s actual personality, just their reactions to questions
  • Requires their cooperation, honesty and self-awareness


handwriting testInterviewing is a generalized method of drawing specific conclusions. A person, who does not dress himself well regularly, is very non-compromising and inflexible might turn up well dressed and cordial. This 30-minute evaluation is based on the presumption that first impression is the last impression but it does not happen that way really. It is very difficult to summarize a lifestyle of character and personality in these 30 minutes of subjective discussion

  • Anxiety and Modesty does not let the applicant perform well during interviews. Their answers are also prone to subjective interpretations.
  • Screening Interviews are time consuming as you interview both poor applicants as well as good ones.
  • Decorative aspects of the personality influence people like a warm handshake, a smiling face, well dressed personality and so on. It is such a myth as outside the interview room this person could be an active volcano and not the cool sea breeze that he appears to be inside.

Let us consider the following example:

Ram: Ram is a dark skinned middle-aged gentleman with bushy eyebrows and sharp eyes without a post graduate degree.

Sunita: Sunita is 26, beautiful, attractive carries a postgraduate masters and has been planted by a rival Company to get insights about your business

Sunita will invariably qualify for the job while Ram will be shown the no-vacancy Board as there is no way of finding out aspects about employee honesty and integrity apart from a handwriting test. The appointment of Sunita could be the turning (downward) point of your Company.

  • You can profile out-of-town applicants before asking them to come over
  • Discover applicants strengths & weaknesses before interviewing
  • Profile vendors (therapist, baby-sitter, landscapers, roommates, accountant, attorney)

Always insist for a handwritten resume and a paragraph on a blank unlined paper followed by a signature. It is really that simple and easy.

You can contact us after going through the range of services we provide in handwriting analysis tests. Look at the benefits that we offer. We shall discuss the fee structure with you over phone after going through your requirements. Consultations are included.

Pre-Interview Sort: (normally requires 10 minimum per order): Designed to pinpoint which job applicants are worth interviewing, and which are not; this saves you a lot of time. This fast and easy process gives you the advantage of being able to quickly identify and hire the best applicants before your competitors. Applicants are sorted into one of four groups: very good, acceptable, questionable poor. This handwriting test is Ideal for high volume screening when you don’t have time to interview everyone, but can’t afford to overlook good people. Self-explanatory results.

Risk Assessment: Designed to evaluate applicants considered for cash, safety or security sensitive jobs. Profile measures four key areas: Emotional Stability, Honesty, and Judgment Quality & Substance Abuse Risk. Self-explanatory results.

Basic Profile: A unique intermediate level pre-employment handwriting test where we customize the profile to the specific job. Designed for career guidance, job matching and team-building.

Handwriting analysis tests are designed for applicant screening (and interviewing tool), self-improvement, employee assessments, team building, career guidance, compatibility assessments (corporate or personal), and any type of behavioral investigation. Many companies use this personality test during job screening process, then provide new hire with copy as a tool for self-improvement. Recommended on any important job post and on all final job candidates. Consultations are included.

To hire a certified handwriting analyst for conducting personality tests visit http://www.hai.in/handwriting_analyst.html