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The Psychology of Compatibility: 

You may meet someone at a party, social, dance, church, singles bar, perhaps through family, friends or business contacts or even through a dating service or “personal” ad.  At first impression you like the way the other person looks, talks, walks, dresses, dances, etc. Perhaps it’s sex appeal.  He appears to be a”nice guy”.  She seems interested in everything you have to say.Soon there is a feeling of “chemistry”, infatuation and sexuality.  You think you have finally at last met the right one. You are sure this is the beginning of a long-lasting, beautiful relationship—one that could lead to wedding bells. You’re falling in love!

Is anything wrong with this? Of course not! It’s wonderful! Isn’t this what most of us look for and really want?  However, the emotional feeling you have experienced doesn’t last forever.  Longtime lovers find the relationship mellows into a less dramatic phase.  That is, after taking their blinders off, they discover each other’s true behavior and personality.  This is the real thing that sustains a relationship “for better or worse” for a long, long time.Checking into past divorces, business dealings, etc., doesn’t tell you about his emotional being.  If you’re lucky, he turns out to be kind, generous, sympathetic and social.  It’s equally possible you might find him to be indifferent,stingy, uncaring or even perverted.

Determining his behavior and personality at the very beginning of a relation-ship seems impossible.  It may take months to know his true self and often by that time irreparable damage has been done. Then what is the answer?  An ounce of prevention—handwriting analysis.  Obtain samples of his/ her handwriting at the very beginning and all during the relationship to make absolutely sure of what makes your partner tick before making a long-term commitment.  This will substantially increase your chance of success in romance. It is quick,accurate, inexpensive and unobtrusive.

Handwriting analysis is not a substitute for psychological guidance when it comes to choosing the right one.  Rather it is a simple way of getting a thumbnail sketch of the behavior and personality of another. Although it cannot predict your future, it does depict the present and a lot of past influences.

Ideally, analysis of a potential partner’s writing should occur before things get serious. In this way, there are fewer surprises and disappointments. Think of the time, energy and money you have spent in the past developing relationships only to find that your potential partner was not for you months, even years later.

Is it too late to do this if you already have a mate or are involved in a relationship?  Better late than never.  You can find and confirm present sources of conflict and proceed to resolve them for each others benefit.  Remember you can change yourself by changing your handwriting.

We change constantly (hopefully for the better) whether or not we are aware of it.  To prove this point save samples of your handwriting over the years. Keep a journal to note the changes.

A handwriting sample is like giving your psychiatrist a personality evaluation chart.In fact, many professionals now use this tool for date-matching, where undesirables can be weeded out immediately.

As you change so does your handwriting, sometimes ever so subtly. A significant, sudden writing change in one partner usually signifies out growing the other, a red flag to be sure, calling for compromise and compensation to hold the relationship together.

Even so, some will not accept the results of a handwriting analysis regardless of the truth it reveals.  Consider the case when a couple in love is told they are incompatible.  Unfortunately, because they are in love they will most likely ignore the analysis, since those in love yield to emotions rather than facts.  Does this mean that such a relationship will not succeed? Of course not! Other factors come into play as will subsequently be seen.

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