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callligraphy, graphology, graphotherapy

The three powerful branches of handwriting you should know about are:

I. Calligraphy

II. Graphology/ Handwriting Analysis

III. Grapho – Therapy

I. Calligraphy:

It’s an art of producing beautiful handwriting. To impress yourself and others especially, the teacher you need to write beautifully.  Calligraphy deals with the formation of lettering and the various facts pertaining to improvement of handwriting.  It also deals with the artistic / decorative lettering used in designing the posters, invitation cards etc., You can develop various kinds of artistic lettering (Fonts) through the study of calligraphy.

II. Graphology/ Handwriting Analysis:

It is the science of handwriting analysis. It helps in analysing the mindset and attitude of an individual based on his/her handwriting sample. ‘Handwriting is actually Brain Writing’ Say world renowned Graphologists.  Our subconscious mind stores and then generates all the letters, formations, connections of our handwriting.  Your handwriting is one of your unique features like your personality, voice and finger prints etc.,

From your handwriting alone a graphologist (handwriting analyst) can make out your qualities like… intuition, memory, indecisiveness, intelligence, versatility, temper, discipline, self-respect, mental balance, concentration, flexibility, social behavior, logical thinking, self-control, ego, expression, material desires, sensitivity, nervousness, critical ability, will power, excitement, talkativeness, secretiveness etc., besides assessing whether you are an extrovert or an introvert.

Graphology is used as a tool to analyze the personality of candidates at various interviews both in India and abroad. Graphology is also used in the Police Department to determine whether a particular person has committed a particular offense.

World over graphology has got its application areas such as: Education, Medicine, Psychology, Social Work, Business, Crime solving and personal uses.

III. Grapho – Therapy:

It is a behavioral modification tool which modifies and modulates your personality. Your personality can be improved by making some changes in the letters, like slants, shapes, sizes, pressure of your handwriting. In a nutshell Graphotherapy is nothing but “CHANGE YOUR HANDWRITING, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET”

In this non-medical therapy exercises are given to the brain, while ‘graphology’ analyses the personality based on handwriting.  Graphotherapy addresses the problems of personality through modification of handwriting.  By changing the strokes or size or shape of a letter, from the finger nerves to the subconscious mind reverse mechanism takes place thereby resulting in change of behavior and mindset.

Graphology and Graphotherapy are purely scientific which are developed by psychologists and handwriting experts.  A handwriting specialist or the teacher who teaches handwriting must have knowledge about Graphology and Graphotherapy as they can make the handwriting ‘SCIENTIFIC’.

Your handwriting is the written externalization of
the vibrant activity going on inside you !


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